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How to find meaning in your work

Meaning In Your Job

by Charlotte Gurney

Aside from the financial rewards and benefits that you receive from your role, having a sense of belonging and meaning is also an incredibly important aspect when it comes to workplace satisfaction. Finding this satisfaction and happiness can stem from something as simple as enjoying a certain type of work or being part of a team that motivates you to be your best. All of us will experience off days, but if you’re able to find meaning in your role, your day-to-day experience will be better for it. So, how can this be achieved?

Focus on who you are & what makes you tick

The most effective way to do this is to define your values. These are the things in life that are really important to you. If ce. Take the time to identify what these are for you. For example, it could be that you enjoy having a creative outlet or working as part of a team. Perhaps you work because you enjoy networking and being around other people, or because you’re keen to make a difference within your industry. If you understandthe work you do aligns with your values, you will automatically find it more meaningful. A simple exercise for defining your values is to make a list of the 6 things that matter the most to you in life, such as your friendships or work-life balance, and then look at how these are served by your current role.

What motivates you at work?

Yes, the financial rewards are obviously enjoyable - and necessary. However, most of us are also motivated by other factors in the workpla what makes work meaningful for you, then put yourself forward to take more of an active part in these areas of your role.

Look at the way your role makes a difference

It’s easy to take the job you currently have for granted - and that’s one of the fastest routes to dissatisfaction at work. Instead of just powering through your ‘to do’ list every day, stop and think about how what you do benefits others. This can range from supporting communities or the environment, to consumers or other businesses. In addition, it’s also useful to make a list of everything you’re grateful for about your job and reflect on it when you can.

Don’t settle

It’s one thing to be grateful for your job, but quite another to force yourself to stay in a job you’re not happy in. The key to finding meaning in your work is fulfilling your ambitions, so be clear about what it is you really want from the work that you do. If this involves a bigger dream, then map out all the steps that are going to take you from where you are to where you want to be. This can include pushing for a promotion, picking up additional tasks and projects to widen your skillset, or requesting flexible working and training opportunities to further develop your capabilities.

Considering that on average we spend over 20% of our lives at work, it’s important to ensure that you find what you do satisfying, meaningful and fulfilling. To see how Volt can support you in finding your next role, please speak to our experts: