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Benefits of partnering with a staffing MSP

Benefits Of Partnering With A Staffing Msp

by Charlotte Gurney

There are many benefits for any business today in having access to a contingent workforce. The past couple of years have shown us how much more flexibility we’re capable of, as well as the commercial advantages of having access to a more agile and responsive workforce. Working with a staffing MSP provides a wealth of opportunities for any organization to start tapping into this vital resource and realize the benefits that it offers for businesses today.

Transparency and structure

Partnering with a staffing MSP provides a swift way to get clarity on how contingent workers are being managed within a business, including when it comes to spend. More flexible working options should be economically beneficial to an enterprise but without the right internal organization the opposite can be true. A staffing MSP provides vital insight into how contingent staffing is being handled and provides a robust structure for doing this more effectively going forward.

A more efficient approach to staffing

Where contingent workforce planning and management is being handled in-house this can be a time-consuming process that is limited to dealing with one person at a time. Projects that need to be staffed quickly may be held up or orders delayed. Working with a staffing MSP significantly speeds up the process, not only because of the internal expertise at a professional MSP but also because of the availability of resources. Entire teams can be staffed in one go with no compromise on standards.

Streamlining workflows

It’s not just at the point of staffing that partnerships like this are beneficial but throughout the entire project lifespan too. A staffing MSP can help to ensure a smooth workflow, whether that relates to ensuring contracts are in place or dealing with invoicing, timekeeping or onboarding. There is no need for the business to handle these key stages in-house, as a staffing MSP can ensure that all are efficiently dealt with.

Optimizing opportunities within the business

The simple fact today is that using contingent workers provides a way for any business to optimize its outcomes - and a staffing MSP is a key partner in that. From handling a spike in clients or orders to easier prospecting and increased overall exposure to opportunities, a wealth of advantages flow from having a well-resourced and well-organized contingent workforce to tap into.

Compliance and optimization

One of the biggest benefits of partnering with a staffing MSP is the opportunity to optimize the way a business uses contingent workers. For many organizations today there simply isn’t the internal expertise or insight to do this properly and resources are often wasted. However, a staffing MSP can ensure that the way the business invests in its contingent workforce is smart and optimized. A staffing MSP is also a vital partner when it comes to navigating the web of regulation and compliance obligations that can come with contingent workers, ensuring that the business doesn’t get penalized for failing to meet the standards set down in law.

From transparency to compliance and having the resources to optimize on business opportunities, there are many benefits for any organization in partnering with a staffing MSP.