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Overcoming recruitment challenges

Overcoming Recruitment Challenges V2

by Charlotte Gurney

Finding the right people can be transformative for any business - however, it’s also one of the biggest challenges that most face. Recruiting today is a vital part of building resilient teams that will carry your organization through the ups and downs in the coming months and be the source of potential innovation and growth. But, when it comes to recruitment, what are the biggest challenges that most enterprises face today?

 ●      Attracting the right people. Many businesses find themselves forced to choose from a pool of available candidates, rather than a pool of ideal candidates - and that means you may not always end up with someone who is a great fit. One simple way to change this is to ensure you’re providing a very clear job ad that will appeal only to candidates that will be an ideal fit.

●      The time it takes to complete recruitment. Empty roles often mean lost profits but recruitment can be time consuming. Take a look at your existing hiring process and be realistic about any stages that are causing a delay that don’t really need to be there.

●      Standing out from other employers. Especially at the moment, candidates may be juggling multiple offers and being chased by many other companies. You can strengthen your engagement with candidates by finding out what motivates them personally and ensuring that all the communication you have with them is personalized and unique.

●      The candidate experience. A positive candidate experience can make hiring seem simple but how do you achieve this? Put yourself in the candidate’s position when it comes to communication - are you managing expectations, providing all the right information, treating them with respect and considering their wants and needs? The more candidates feel seen and valued by your business, whatever happens to their application, the more positive their experience is likely to be.

●      Making better use of data. You know that data will improve your recruitment process but managing and storing it to get the most out of it is hard - and often time consuming too. One way to simplify this is to start using software that is specifically designed to help you leverage data in the recruitment process.

●      Building an employer brand that brings the right candidates to you. We all know the power of a strong employer brand - but it’s not always clear how to achieve this. There are lots of tips to improve this, from getting clear about your values to promoting business culture, replying to reviews online and letting staff share their stories. However, ultimately, it will come down to whether you behave like a good employer or not.

●      Ensuring diverse recruitment. This is a tough challenge because unconscious bias is so inherent in so many businesses and recruitment processes today. However, tackling it helps to achieve a more diverse workforce, which will be more productive and profitable too. Invest in objective hiring techniques and ‘blind’ recruiting software to help ensure that your unconscious biases aren’t creeping in.

 There are plenty of recruitment challenges for any organization to overcome today. However, there are solutions to even those that seem like the biggest mountains to climb.
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