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Tips for writing a job advert

Tips For Writing A Job Advert

by Charlotte Gurney

The job ad is often the part of the recruitment process that gets rushed. However, it’s actually crucial to the end results because it will act as a beacon to attract candidates who will be a great cultural fit, as well as right for the role. That’s why it’s so important to write a great job advert - these are our tips on how to do it.

Make sure the job ad title is informative and accurate

Do not use the same referencing that you would internally, as very few people are going to understand this outside of the business. Instead, take the time to create a title for the job ad that sets out exactly what the role entails - while also being pithy and concise. Use the terms that refer to the person that you want to attract (e.g., HR Manager or Account Executive) and if you have the space to do it think about incorporating keywords too.

Consider the language you use

It can be useful to review the language of job ads to ensure that you’re not falling into the trap of words that display inherent bias. The more neutral the language that you use to write your job ad, the wider the pool of people you’re likely to attract. This is particularly important if you’ve found in the past that, despite your best efforts, you just seem to attract the same kind of candidate again and again.

Create a standard structure

That is going to be different for every organization but could include a combination of the following:

●      A brief introduction. Use roughly 40 words to introduce the role, rather than the business, in an eye-catching, engaging way.

●      List the main responsibilities for the role. Focus on the top seven tasks that anyone who is successful in applying for this role is likely to be handling on a daily basis. Ideally, you’ll be able to relate these to overall business objectives so that anyone applying will have a clear idea of where they will fit in terms of the overall plan.

●      Identify exactly what you’re looking for. This is the kind of person you want to apply for the role - include both those qualities that are absolutely necessary and those that would be nice to have.

●      Provide information on the rewards and benefits. This is going to be a big incentive for many applicants so make sure that you set out exactly what the company is offering when it comes to rewards and the benefits that set you apart from a competitor.

●      Be clear about the basics. This is the vital practical information an applicant might need, such as the location they will be working from and the hours involved.

●      Provide some information about the company. Especially if your business isn’t a household name this is vital. It will be much more engaging to write a focused description for each job ad than simply copying from your marketing materials.

When it comes to creating powerful job ads these tips are essential.