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Leadership Recruitment

Leadership Recruitment - Innova International's Elite Service
With 70 years of industry leadership and a growing global team of  employment strategists, partnerships and proactive approach to business needs, Innova strive to maintain an innovative and highly relevant sector-based portfolio globally.

Leadership Recruitment is our elite service, designed to identify and recruit the finest executive level candidates to create superior leadership teams across commercial and public sectors, from SMEs to multi-national corporations. We work with clients to define what they want and understand what they need, then use our exceptional skills, resources and expertise to locate the people who will drive profitability, give a competitive edge over market rivals and create sustainable success. Ultimately it’s people that make the difference.

In a fast-moving world of search algorithms and digital solutions, it’s easy to lose sight of the difference that real personal relationships and professional respect can make when you’re looking to find the right person for the right role. 
Getting to know the candidates is vital, and that takes the investment of time, the application of empathy and development of trust. 

This is where we excel. We talk but we listen too. We look at both the big picture and the fine detail. We’ve worked hard to forge links with the brightest and best, and continue to build on an already extensive international network to create a wide spectrum talent pool of exceptional depth and quality.

​Insight and Expertise

Our consultants are genuine experts in what they do. People who combine industry insight with functional expertise and a commitment to achieve an outcome that everyone sees as success, growing the business of the client and enhancing the career of the candidate. Employing emotional, not artificial, intelligence, they enable Innova to provide swift, credible and effective solutions – for the most demanding technical specification, in the most difficult business environments. Location, attraction and retention are streamlined by them understanding exactly who they are talking to, knowing what’s needed, working hard to achieve it and caring about the outcome.

"Having dealt with several other recruitment partners for this role, Innova excelled over the competition" Caterpillar

​Leadership job roles include: 

  • Chief Operating Officer 

  • Chief Procurement Officer 

  • Commercial Director 

  • Continuous Improvement Director   

  • Engineering Director   

  • General Manager 

  • Head of Lean

  • Lean Manager

  • Health & Safety Director 

  • HR Director   

  • Industrialisation Director   

  • Manufacturing Engineering Director  

  • Operations Director   

  • Operational Excellence Director 

  • Operations Manager

  • Production Director   

  • Supply Chain Director   

  • VP of Engineering 

​To discuss your Leadership recruitment needs - please contact Lee Howard today - Senior Engineering & Manufacturing Manager: lee.howard@voltinternational.co.uk

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