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Meet our UK Leadership Team

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  • Adam Wooldridge

    Adam Wooldridge

    Regional Director – UK
  • Connor Harknett

    Connor Harknett

    Senior Consultant - Life Sciences
  • Gemma-Rose Allen

    Gemma-Rose Allen

    Managing Consultant - Life Sciences
  • Carlos Biggemann

    Carlos Biggemann

    Principal Consultant - Life Sciences
  • Geoff King

    Geoff King

    Manager - Information Technology
  • Tom Vos

    Tom Vos

    Associate Consultant - Life Sciences
  • Zeli Kangudie

    Zeli Kangudie

    Associate Consultant - Life Sciences
  • Bruce Simpson

    Bruce Simpson

    Senior Manager - Information Technology
  • Lee Howard

    Lee Howard

    Senior Manager - Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Berry Moor

    Berry Moor

    Associate Consultant - Life Sciences
  • Sophie Summers

    Sophie Summers

  • Bella Kong

    Bella Kong

    Associate Consultant - Life Sciences
  • Jessica Charles

    Jessica Charles

    Consultant Biometrics - Life Sciences
  • Heather Lynn

    Heather Lynn

    Senior Business Development Manager - UK
  • Charlotte Worcester

    Charlotte Worcester

    Principal Recruiter - Information Technology
  • Jack Allen

    Jack Allen

    Consultant - Information Technology
  • Prince Aidoo

    Prince Aidoo

    Associate Consultant - Information Technology
  • Connor Flannigan

    Connor Flannigan

    Associate Consultant - Information Technology
  • Ashley Hayward

    Ashley Hayward

    Head of Data & Analytics - Information Technology
  • Chris Wethered

    Chris Wethered

    Principal Consultant - Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Andy Wyatt

    Andy Wyatt

    Principal Consultant - Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Hannah Cross

    Hannah Cross

    Senior Client Service Executive
  • Jamie Franklin

    Jamie Franklin

    Client Service Associate
  • Nicole Knight

    Nicole Knight

    Client Service Manager